About Us

Dogkco started in April 2019 when we were scouring the internet for a kcollar leash set for our senior dog, Joco. As Joco was continuing to grow older we were noticing he was losing more of his sense of hearing, smell, and balance. So we wanted a kcollar leash set that not only could we personalise it to ensure Joco's safety but one that was also stylish and was made with durability to last for years.

Some kcollars looked amazing but were quickly worn out while others were durable but lacked a sense of style. But after spending hours of research, we finally found a kcollar leash set that resonated with us. And we want to help other pawrents do the same from all around the world!

Unfortunately, we lost Joco in April 2020 due to old age but we want to continue on our mission to help pawrents find the freshest and most stylish dog accessories never seen before in the market.

In October 2020, we introduced new dog kcollars, leashes and harnesses to our product range to meet a growing demand for these products from dog lovers just like you!

We thoroughly inspected our kcollars, leashes and harnesses to ensure our customers only receive the best quality. And we will never sell products we knew were sub-par quality or not passionate or excited about! 

In loving memory of Joco

(16-06-2007 - 17-04-2020)

Joco was a 13 year old Bone-Mouth Sharpei. He loved to eat cheese, give wet kisses and was extremely predatory with cats. 

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